Maximize Your Gift To The Future With Thoughtful Estate Planning Guidance

Estate Planning And Probate Don’t Have To Be Intimidating – The Right Lawyer Can Help

Estate planning and probate are a fact of life, no matter how much we try not to think about them. It is better to take charge of them with the help of an attorney who will make it all easier for you.

At the Law Office of Richard J. Boudreau, you will feel welcome, and your questions and concerns will be heard. Attorney Richard Boudreau has made a long, successful career of caring for the estate and probate needs of people in the Boston area. You can trust him with your future and the well-being of your family.

Attorney Boudreau understands that these areas of law can be uncomfortable at times. They can also be expensive, which is why he offers free consultations to assess your situation and provide an estimate of what it would cost to hire him. You will know the cost upfront, which can make the process less stressful.

Attorney Boudreau makes a point of offering a calming presence as he walks people through their legal concerns. His demeanor is caring and matter-of-fact, which helps clients feel at ease when working with him.

Experience And A Background You Can Trust

Richard Boudreau has been a lawyer since 1987, and he founded this firm in 2014. Clients know they can trust in his knowledge, experience and genuine care. Whether you are a single adult, a young couple with children, a mature couple, or a surviving spouse in need of probate help, he can handle your legal issues. He can revise and update existing estate plans or draft new ones. He can also guide you through the probate process in Massachusetts to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Speak with him today and you will see that he has your best interests at heart. Just call 978-503-0848 or send him a message online.